Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clean your burnt-on stainless steel pans!

Burnt On Stainless Steel
I love cooking with stainless steel.  They are super easy to work with, I love how they keep the heat in and cook evenly, and I even think food tastes better when you use them.
I do have to admit though, that I almost gave up using them because I couldn’t figure out how to stop burning things with them and they were impossible to clean!
Well, I’m not one to give up.  I figured there had to be a way to get them clean and a way to not have to slave over it to do so.  SO, one day after I had burnt eggs,  I grabbed the baking soda, threw it in, added some water and let it do it’s magic.
I COULD NOT believe how well it worked.  I just figured it would help, but man, it cleaned itself while we were eating.  NO SCRUBBING! I promise!
Cooking with stainless steel takes practice to get used to but you will have many less burnt on pans once you “master” them.  Every once in a while I get a little antsy and turn up the heat and get some burnt on greatness.  The other day we had Beef and Broccoli and sure enough, I was in a hurry, cranked up the heat, stepped away and started multi-tasking and look what happened…
burnt on pan
So this works the best when your pan is nice and hot.  You want to start by taking everything out of the pan and plating it up or put it in a serving dish.

baking soda in pan
Next, dump some baking soda into your pan.  You don’t have to get all measure-y.  Be generous… 1/4 cup, I don’t know, I don’t measure!

pour in water
Grab some water from the tap and pour it in.  Again, I don’t measure, I just pour…
*Caution… Your pan is still extremely hot and the water/baking soda combo is going to bubble up and steam. Get your hand back and be careful, please.

bubbling up
This is what it looks like almost immediately after you pour the water in.  You can jiggle the pan around a little if you want but no need to stir. 
Walk away and enjoy your dinner.

after dinner
20 minutes later, this is what you have! YUMM-O, get a spoon and dig in!
Ya, Right!

scrape it off
When you are ready to do your dishes, just grab a spatula and scrape the pan into the trash or wherever you want to dispose of it at.  You can even let it sit over night and it won’t be any harder to clean, just don’t scrape it until your ready to wash it.  I like to get mine taken care of right away though.

scrub it
A little dish soap on your scrubber and it comes right off.  No elbow grease involved! 

clean pan
Ta-Da! Seriously, it’s that easy!  You would never know I just burnt the dickens out of that thing 30 minutes earlier!

What do you think???

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  1. Replies
    1. It really is! I almost can't believe how well it works, every single time! Thanks

  2. Coming over from Tutorial Tuesday's at Hope Studios! I am SOOOOOO glad I found this!! I just burnt my new pan so bad I almost cried!! I'm gonna give this a shot!!

    Following you on Pinterest and Facebook!!!

    Kate @ Uniquely Undone

    1. hope it works for you! If it doesn't, I have some great stuff that works on stuck on guck too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is such a great tips ! Thanks for sharing ! came from brag about it ( BeBetsy )

  4. Amanda, this is great! My MIL got me a BIG stainless steel pan for Christmas this last year. I LOVE using it, but hate how it gets burnt so easily. We always just throw in a cup or two of water and let it boil while we are eating and that usually gets it clean. I will have to try the baking soda next time. We have also used scour off when we "forgot" to do this. Thanks for the tip!!

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